RAF General Engineering Ltd  are proud to be ISO 9001 Accredited we believe the quality management system help to continually monitor and manage quality across all operations and benefiting us by:

  • Being a more consistent competitor in the marketplace
  • Providing good value and service
  • Enables us to meet customer needs
  • Efficient processes means quick turn around and cost effective
  • Improved operational performance cut errors and increase profits
  • Highly skilled, motivated workforce
  • A customer focused approach to our business
  • Broaden business opportunities by demonstrating compliance

Having a strong management team we work closely with the workforce in working towards upskilling staff and gaining skills. This enables us to offer a wider  range of services. We have proven over the past years that we provide quality which exceeds customers' expectations and that is fit for purpose, ensuring that the service we provide is exceptional.

British Standards Institution
BSI forming global partnerships to drive excellence across Industries

We work from quality grade 3 up to a quality grade one offering Lifetime records along with nuclear projects as required and have the ability to do design and operate to a 3D CAD manufacturing program ensuring our customers are guaranteed the best design manufactured for their needs.